Hasta La Vista, Baby!’ is poised to be a premier, casual fine dining Spanish experience in Amsterdam. With its intimate ambiance and unparalleled flavors, it’s the ideal setting for an evening meal. Located on the 19th floor, diners are treated to breathtaking views. Or, as we like to say: What a Vista, Baby!

hasta la vista, BABY

– Arnold Schwarzenegger

VISTA will serve as both a Spanish restaurant and a cocktail bar, attracting tourists, locals, and businessmen alike. The cocktail bar and kitchen will be the buzzing heart of VISTA, with the first high-quality dishes arriving at tables within minutes.


But, as the name implies, VISTA won’t be your typical Spanish restaurant and cocktail bar. It’s designed to be funky and alluring. The presentation of the food will be extraordinary, and the shared-dining concept will be spectacular. This unique approach requires guests to participate by adding the finishing touches to experimental Spanish dishes. This playful and edgy design positions VISTA as a standout venue in the upscale segment.


Throughout the week, VISTA will be a sought-after destination: tourists will flock here for weekday dinners, businessmen will drop by for Friday afternoon drinks, and local Amsterdam residents will savor sumptuous dinners and dance with cocktails in hand over the weekends.

In short: VISTA is poised to be the most entertaining Spanish restaurant and cocktail bar in town.


Hasta La Vista, Baby!


Looking for the perfect venue to elevate your upcoming group dinner or event? 

Explore the endless possibilities by clicking on the ‘Offerte aanvragen’ tool in the left corner of our homepage. For any additional inquiries about events, feel free to reach out to us at events@hastalavista.baby. Let’s turn your gathering into an unforgettable experience!

Upcoming events

Frits & Hasta la Vista Baby! are joining forces to organize a delightful evening out at a unique location: Frits presents: Buena Vista Baby! This is the party to kick off the summer, on the 19th floor of Hasta La Vista Baby with a stunning view of the Amsterdam skyline – you don’t want to miss this! On the menu are oysters, Spanish jamon, an abundance of paella (yes, in those large pans!), and churros as the grand finale. And oh yes – a refreshing welcome drink courtesy of Martini – to get you in the mood. And a party isn’t complete without some entertainment, so expect great hits from Frits on the dance floor and all sorts of fun acts and surprises throughout the evening. Get ready to be pampered, mark Thursday, June 27th in your calendar, and get your ticket now for an unforgettable party at this unique location!

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Monday 1700 – 2300
Tuesday 1200 – 1430 & 1700 – 0000
Wednesday 1200 – 1430 & 1700 – 0000
Thursday 1200 – 1430 & 1700 – 0000
Friday 1200 – 1430 & 1700 – 0100
Saturday 1700 – 0100
Sunday 1700 – 2300

Pets are not allowed (but for your husband we make an exception)


Questions? Please read our FAQ here.


We’re located in Hotel INNSiDE by Meliá Amsterdam
Eduard van Beinumstraat 40 
1077 CZ Amsterdam



020 2611522


The parking facility at Eduard van Beinumstraat 2 is owned and operated by ParkBee, situated in the 2Amsterdam building adjacent to the Hotel.

Upon Arrival, Please Follow These Steps:
1. Choose the option for “Visitors.”
2. Navigate to “Other Companies.”
3. Select “Hasta La Vista Baby.”


Parking Your Car:

Enter the parking area.
Ideally, park your car on floor -2 or -3 for convenient access.



At the exit, pay for your parking using your card.


Additional Information:

For the best parking experience, it is recommended to park on floor -2 or -3.
To enter the hotel lobby, simply take the elevator. Please follow the signs marked for Hotel INNSiDE to guide you directly to the lobby.